Chromit for YCSS 2019

Bridge your everyday data flow, and build personalized knowledge base.

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  • Endless information stole my attention, not much worth the time;
  • Read it, Saved for later, forget it forever;
  • Catagorizing, Adding Tags, Putting Folders -- All too hard;
  • Just don't remember you've browsed this before;
  • Spending time on good knowledge but nothing really left..

Our Theory

Data ≠ Information ≠ Knowledge

Tools Don't Fit


Limited support format, limited geek audience, good tool yet not last.

For Later

Good workflow,
in trash can afterall.


Slow, copy & paste level of savings, hard to find in your "unlimited" pages.


Yes, you starred it, but in which folder?


light weight save button on chrome, generate knowledge graph for personal use.

3 Easy Steps

  • Install

    Download from website or install from chrome store

  • Click When Browse

    Click the button to trigger saving and extracting semantic info through url.

  • See Knowledge Graph

    Visit to see your personalized knowledge graph, it shows connections through time.

猫牙科技 @ Beijing


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